Wretches & Jabberers

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Van Crash - all is well

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Yesterday morning one of our vans was in a crash on Route 4. It made all the news shows. Everyone was released from the hospitals by 4 pm but will be sore today. Evidently a woman in a sedan hit the rear driver’s side of the 15 passenger White Oak van and the van spun 180. The staff driver did a wonderful job of keeping his cool. One of the back windows shattered and one of the guys from White Oak got some pretty bad cuts to his face and neck. One staff was knocked unconscious. A former staff driving by immediately reported the crash to us and our team went into action. We had staff support at RIH and Kent and the folks ...
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Low Wages in RI

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The ProJo this morning editorialized against SEIU because the union will be charging dues to Rhode Island day care workers after the General Assembly passed a bill authorizing the unionization of that the child care industry. While I am no fan of unions and their tactics, the fact is that day care workers along with all other direct care service workers are not heard and by state policy are paid very poorly, Unions at least provide a voice to this group of people who struggle to lead a normal life. If we are not all going to become members of a union, we need to begin with small steps to convince legislators and policy makers that paying low wages or actively ...
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Rolling Around in my Head, by David Hingsburg
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